Cosmetic Surgery On The Rise In UK

The National Cosmetic surgery statistics are in from last year and…


…it has now been confirmed that the number of people entering voluntarily into Cosmetic Surgery has once again increased.

This number has seen year-on-year increases for the past decade with many modern day conventions and cultures being blamed as a reason for a heightened sense of self-consciousness.

In the past year, over 51,000 surgical procedures were undertaken – a 13% increase over the previous year. Leading the top of these procedures were breast augmentations of which there were 9,652 undertaken in 2015 alone, this is a massive 12% increase over 2014. Other invasive procedures such as eyelid surgery, face lifts and breast reductions have seen significant rises in popularity as more and more men and women chose to go under the knife and take the risk of undergoing potentially life-threatening operations.

surgery-1049534_1920What motivates so many people each year to hand over large sums of cash for the sake of looking better?

The increased used in Social Media and the need to present oneself attractively through photographs has proven to be one of the leading reasons that surgeons are given when they ask their patients as to why they are getting their surgery in the first place. After a poll taken by over 750 certified plastic surgeons from the United States, these professionals have seen a 31% rise in surgery enquiries in relation to people needing to look better over social media accounts.

Whether you’re hoping to increase certain assets to impress your followers on Instagram or simply want to appear younger when you’re being tracked down by old school friends on Facebook – if you choose to pay for plastic surgery, you’ll be contributing to what is now a multi-billion pound industry in the UK.

Although there are thousands of trained medical professionals who specialise in the performance of advanced cosmetic surgeries there are also a countless amount of unregistered individuals who offer less invasive forms of cosmetic surgery at a cut-price, offering those without large sums of cash a quick fix to celebrity style beauty treatments.

surgery-1049588_1920For the more serious forms of cosmetic surgery, British would be-patients will find that they can still get some operations paid for on the NHS. For example, someone who struggles to breathe through their nose will be able to visit a hospital for rhinoplasty surgery – this is deemed to be a serious, delicate operation that should not be undertaken lightly.

However, less intrusive operations such as lip filler and botox treatments can be purchased from hair-dressers and even undertaken in the comfort of the patient’s own home. The people that perform these operations are often untrained in surgical methods and are uninsured – putting the patient at great personal risk.

Although there have been investigations made by the government into the proliferation of unlicensed amateur plastic surgeons – the problem of untrained practitioners practising in homes around Great Britain is one that has not been solved yet. The Health Education England advisory board, in the mean time, has developed a qualification for those wishing to train in injecting dermal fillers.

This graduate level certificate, however, is by no means compulsory.