The Ongoing Transformation of Our City

Upcoming developments promising to transform Liverpool

Liverpool is a city known for it’s classic Georgian architecture and towering cathedrals, however it’s far from being a city that is stuck in the past.

As the prospects of this once destitute city continue to improve, a number of exciting building developments have been announced that promise to transform disused parts of the city into vibrant places to live and work in. Whilst some of these plans have proven too grand to complete so far, many of them have acted as a starting point for regeneration in the areas, turning them into something entirely unforeseen.

The following developments are all in various stages of development – projections for completion are based on outside sources and are purely speculative:
New Chinatown

Perhaps one of the most controversial development plans to have got the go-ahead in the city, the New Chinatown development currently sits in a quagmire of delays and legal disputes. One look at the stretch of land near the Anglican Cathedral is enough to tell you that building will not be completed anytime soon on this project, this is largely due to ongoing disputes between developers North Point Global and Liverpool City Council. With the land and property up for grabs, only time will tell if this grand vision is ever completed.

Liverpool Waters

The vacant, industrial space alongside Liverpool’s iconic dockyards has long been considered a dead-zone by scousers and tourists alike, however that’s all about to change soon with the Liverpool Waters development. Whilst the docks might not receive the same kind of traffic that it once did, planners are eager to make the most of its proximity to the city centre by constructing several large buildings that will be home to businesses, young professionals and families, including the modern Hive City which will house 278 apartments as well as a rooftop restaurant.

Wolstenhome Square

Once the home of iconic nightclub Nation and the world-famous Cream nights, this central nightlife hub is now a construction site, pending the completion of four new buildings and a renovation of a pre-existing warehouse which should provide space for 447 new apartments. The ground floors of these buildings will be reserved for new commercial ventures, as well as a large basement club which should go some way to soothing those who miss the all night-raves at Nation.

Cains Brewery Village

Finally, Cains Brewery Village is an ongoing development which has passed through many hands but, arguably, has the best chance at being both completed and profitable for it’s investors. The initial plans promised to completely revamp the disused Cains Brewery building and transform it into a thriving retail and leisure hub, however progress has been halted due to a lack of funding. The Dansaj brothers, who have ownership of the 170,000 sq ft building are still determined to see their vision through to fruition. For now, temporary establishments like the Baltic Market and Ghetto Golf course are attracting hundreds of people to the area.