What is South Sefton CCG?

The South Sefton Community Confab Group is here to provide an online forum for people living in the South Sefton area of Merseyside.


Where is South Sefton?

sefton-oldFrom Hightown down to Bootle, South Sefton is an area which is home to a population of roughly 175,000 people.

Although there has been some historical controversies in the past regarding Northern Sefton’s place in England (a campaign for Southport to leave Sefton, in favour of merging with West Lancashire is still ongoing), South Sefton has always had strong social and economic ties to Liverpool.

What issues effect the area?

South Sefton is noted as being an area that struggles with high levels of deprivation and child poverty.

liverpool-skyHigh rates of unemployment, in conjunction with low educational and life expectancies, have also hampered social mobility in the area. Since reaching an all time low of 4,000 people claiming benefits in the Sefton area, the number has not been under 8,000 since 2009.

The poverty and low-standard of living, that is present in areas such as Bootle, is a far cry from the economic situations of many communities living just a few miles further North in Central Sefton. Areas such as Formby, Crosby and Maghull are notable for having a significantly higher quality of housing. House prices are, however, in line with this increase in quality, leading to higher prices and lower accessibility.

What does South Sefton CCG hope to achieve?

write-593333_1920-1Through the writing of SEO optimised blog posts, discussion in forums and sharing of articles, we here at South Sefton CCG hope to raise awareness of local issues in addition to galvanising activity and social change in the area.

Comprised of people living in and around South Sefton, we hope to present a wide-reaching example of people’s life experience within the towns and villages of our area. By bringing together a variety of opinions from residents of all walks of life, hopefully we’ll strike upon a way to improve life for everyone that resides within the South Sefton area.